What is Enlightenment?

For me, enlightenment is a literal lightening of my state of mind and a visceral relaxation and lightening of my body. Enlightenment is relating to myself and others from a place of pure connectedness with the authentic me, free from the bondage of the ego. I have no need to prove anything to myself or others. There is nothing I must possess, nothing I must do, nothing I must be. There is no reason to strive, no reason to seek affirmation, no reason to please others to gain favor. There is no self-image to project or protect. There is no lack, only sufficiency a depth of feeling, and a deep sense of personal knowing.

Enlightenment may be experienced from different perspectives and at different levels. It is not the same for every person. It is not a final destination or the end of spiritual growth or learning, but a place from which life can be lived to its fullest and growth can continue to unfold. It is as many say “a higher level of energy”, like being plugged into an electric outlet, but in a pleasant way. It is a feeling of being simultaneously calm, relaxed, energetic, and creative.

Enlightmenment is a place of connectedness: connection with self, with others, and with the Divine Spirit that some call God. It is a place full to overflowing with love, appreciation, and gratitude. It is a reverence for all of life and each person as a unique spirit – an individualized expression of the Divine.

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