PURPOSE: To help those seeking to know the truth of who they really are. Whether you are relatively happy or struggling with your life’s purpose and why you are here, this site offers hope and points the way to your natural life state of joy, love, and peace.

CENTRAL MESSAGE: Be at peace, and know that You are Loved beyond comprehension – totally, unconditionally, and always. There is nothing you must do or can do to prevent this constant outpouring of Divine Love. It’s always there for You. The eyes of your Soul will open to this Truth as you are willing to accept it.  Be well and at peace.

ABOUT THE AUHTOR: My name is Joseph Gabriel. I am writing this blog in conjunction with my new book, which I hope will transform many lives. I am reaching ever-closer to experiencing my Higher Self (Christ Consciousness) I experienced years ago at age 27. At that time I was instantly transformed by a miracle of grace that would last for many weeks. Unlike then, I use deliberate methods of introspection* and spiritual practices to peel back the layers of false beliefs that separated me from my Authentic Higher Self and Divine Spirit. This is a process that anyone can use to increase self-awareness and improve their life to whatever degree they choose.

Please help me to refine my message by commenting on the blogs and subscribing to the site so you can contribute to all the content.

Blesings to you.

*Tools for introspection include the Avatar courses (avatarepc.com), The Wright Institute, The Landmark Curriculum for Living, Higher Brain Living, Science of Mind as taught at the Bodhi Spiritual Center, The Oneness University in India (OnenessUniversity.org), The Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and various forms of meditation and other spiritual practices.

**Yes, this place is REAL!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dennis Rose said:

    Joe, your goal of helping people find Christ Consciousness-Higher Self and Divinity within is inspiring!

  2. Great info buddy thanks for useful article. I’m waiting for more

  3. I’ve never learned so much from any other blog before. Enjoyed reading this today.

  4. Chelle Van Wassenhove said:


    Wow, wow, wow! You are an amazing writer, Joe! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful light with the world. You are so loved and such a blessing to us all!

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