As you read this, your Higher Self will comprehend the meaning of every thought expressed. For maximum effect, read slowly as if reading was a new experience and you are reading and understanding for the first time. Let the meaning sink in deep. Enjoy!

See Yourself as Whole and Complete. Any part of you that may feel broken is part of the completenss. Embrace it, allow yourself to feel it fully. Know that it does not define you and is not the truth of who you are. Allow the feeling to pass through you. You are whole and perfect in the eyes of the Divine, and loved beyond measure.

Accept What Is. We all encounter people and circumstances and parts of ourselves that we would prefer not be there. If you judge them as wrong or bad, you perpetuate the illusion of duality, when in fact we are all one – part of the larger oneness of collective humanity. If we are honest with ourselves and view life from a higher perspective, we know that the circumstances we dislike are of our own making. We create our experience and reality, drawing to us that which we need to learn and grow. We cannot change the other – only ourselves. Run away from it and another will come into your life until you learn to handle it. All pain is ultimately a gateway to our greater good.

Release All Attachment.  All external things, including relationships, are temporary. They are all on loan to us from God. Only the inner world of your spirit – your Higher Self, is eternal. You may realize that acquisition of external things may bring temporary excitement and happiness, but emotions soon subside as the new thing loses its luster and we return to a place of yearning for more. Learn to distinguish desire as a lower form of yearning. We desire things from the ego, and those things will not serve us, but rather make use their masters. When we yearn for things from our higher self, we begin a process of bringing something into our life that will serve us, fulfill us, and leave us with a sweet feeling of contentment.

Love as the Divine Loves.  We may feel deeply attached to certain people – a life partner, parents, children, or friends. Like everything else, we will eventually lose those people from our lives onw way or another. Love is a beautiful thing, however sentimental love will cause hurt. Love another not for who they represent for you, but for the beautiful spirit tht is one is.