Think about what’s bothering you right now. Just stop . . . and ask yourself “what am I upset by in the present moment?” If you are not upset about anything, ask yourself, “What’s the last thing I was upset about? “

If you can’t think of anything, let me make it easier for you. The last thing I was upset about was my personal circumstance with my son and my daughter while on vacation in California. During the stay with my son, he asked me to leave two days before I had planned without offering an explanation. Then, while with my daughter, I became entangled in her drama of telling me “you don’t understand” three times in about one minute. This was quite disturbing to me, especially after having been asked to leave by my son and having been divorced more than once by women who had said the same thing as my daughter (“you just don’t understand”).

If we focus on the problems we experience, we automatically recall past events and circumstances that feel much the same as what we are feeling in the present. The fallacy is that what we are stirring up within our mind is just a story. It is not the truth of what just happened. It is the mind commenting on what happened – an experience fitered by our beliefs, judgements, and opinios. The story provides us with all the dots from our past which we connect as if they all belonged together in the same never ending story of how it was, how it is, and how it always will be.  IT’S A LIE! – a dreadful, debilitating lie. We fabricate the story to try and convince ourselves that we are justified in our victimhood. We somehow feel comforted by the perception that we have it all figured out, and that this is just the way it always has to be. We have amassed plenty of evidence to support our case, and so we remain caged in the victimhood we constantly re-create for ourselves.

We all invent stories to explain our lives. The problem is, these stories cripple us from being who we really are and the potential we have to be our best. These are never- ending, self-reinforcing, self-fulfilling prophesies that you continue to tell yourself over and over again until you actually believe that you are merely the sum of your stories.

Now, just STOP . . . and realize that the only thing holding you back are your stories! Can you give them up? Can you sense the calm, relaxed, beautiful person hiding underneath the burden and weight of all those crazy stories? Well . . . that’s you, just as you are, in the present moment – without the past working to hold you back, and without the future being a mere projection of the past. You are FREE to choose whatever you want in this moment. You are a beautiful adult child of God stripped bare of all the lunacy and false tales you have been telling yourself all these years. Imagine the possibilities!